About Me

My name is Jay. Somewhere in my middle twenties. I have been known to swing a hammer, but work these days is sporadic at best. I grew up in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado and found myself in Northern California when I turned 18.

I have always been a fisherman and hunter. When I came out here I looked around at what kinds of fishing I had available to me. LOTS! Living where I live it would be perfectly reasonable to be a die hard surf fisherman, offshore fisherman, trophy trout fisherman, steelhead and salmon fisherman, striper fisherman, sturgeon fisherman, panfish fisherman, or a bass fisherman.

I grew up on a farm with a bass pond. I have always loved fishing for them, but we didnt grow them big in Colorado. But California does! After catching my first big bass of 7.5 pounds, I soon found myself chasing trophy bass with every ounce of my being. I did that for about 4 years before realizing that I had been completely burnt out on it, and wasnt having much fun anymore.

A family reunion in Keystone, Colorado found me with a fly rod back in my hands plying the waters of the Little Snake River. After a week, I WAS HOOKED!

Ive been away from the bass and back in the beautiful trout country of the Sierra Nevadas for the last few years.