Saturday, September 25, 2010

If mink weighed 200lbs we would all be dead

Below the small dam that was erected on Lake Tahoe(douchebags!) there is a pretty good size pool filled with giant trout. Gawking tourists buy fish pellets and watch as 10+lb browns and rainbows come up and get em. It is a pretty cool little spot, there is no fishing within 1000ft of the dam, and as near as I can tell, those fish never really leave the safety of that pool for the fishable reaches of river downstream. I made the mistake of stopping by there for the first time after I spent an entire day getting my butt kicked by the crafty denizens of the Truckee River. I fished all day for no grabs and on the way home got to stare at 50 trout over 5 lbs. Awesome. Getting to the point. It would seem that these fish arent completely safe afterall. The mink, which is in the same family as weasels, is about the size of a muskrat or small ferret. That makes this fish about, oh, 7lbs probably? Maybe bigger? Regardless, these guys are gnarly.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Cool Shots

I took a couple of my bass fishing buddies on a quick daytrip last week. The fishing was pretty dang slow with only 4 Brookies landed between the 3 of us. My new friend Bryan took these pictures of me. That shelf looked so tasty from the bank, and I waded way out to the edge of it and chucked some fur around for awhile, but didnt get bit. Definitely some cool pictures though.

In addition to a couple of blister covered feet, my buddy Wes did manage the biggest Brook Trout of his life!

Ive got a couple more trips planned between now and the winter. Keep an eye out!