Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Cool Shots

I took a couple of my bass fishing buddies on a quick daytrip last week. The fishing was pretty dang slow with only 4 Brookies landed between the 3 of us. My new friend Bryan took these pictures of me. That shelf looked so tasty from the bank, and I waded way out to the edge of it and chucked some fur around for awhile, but didnt get bit. Definitely some cool pictures though.

In addition to a couple of blister covered feet, my buddy Wes did manage the biggest Brook Trout of his life!

Ive got a couple more trips planned between now and the winter. Keep an eye out!


  1. Hi Jay,

    I wish I had got all of your line in that one photo, but it was difficult to see in the camera from that distance! :)

    I loved seeing someone else with that desire and work effort fly fishing just trying to get bit... but if it doesn't happen, at least you know you tried all that could. Truly you have a love for it. It is great to meet someone with that drive that I feel inside.

    The trip out yesterday was challenging but with its rewards. I hope we get to fish together again soon.


  2. Thanks Bryan! Just got back from another trip. Pretty much a disaster, but thats how it goes sometimes.