Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Round at the Little Truckee

This one is a little belated, but I made a quick day trip run to the Little Truckee with my girl. She was gonna fish this time so I outfitted her with an old pair of neoprenes and an indo rig, and off we went.

It was one of those days where it starts off kind of slow, then, before you know it, it continues to be slow, then in a flurry of inactivity, it ends slow. Krista struggled most of the day trying to relearn casting and mending. But she did an admirable job and by the end of the day was making beautiful mends just when she needed to. She didnt hook any fish, but thats ok, this place isnt really nice to beginners!

Throughout the day I managed a few grabs here and there, lost a couple, missed a few, and got to hold yet a few others.

At one point I was standing in the water minding my own affair when I saw a big King Salmon swim by. Caught me off guard and scared me a bit in close quarters. After the second or two that it took my brain to calculate this information and come to the conclusion that there are no salmon here, I nearly shit my pants realizing that it had to be a Brown Trout. A BIG Brown Trout. I lost sight of the bogey amid tumbling waters and a downed tree, but some minutes later it came out again. This time I got a real good look at him as he cruised by, giant kype followed sometime later by a tail the size of a DVD case! Good GOD! What a monster. Far and away the largest Brown I have ever seen in person and that is including fish at hatcheries and Fanny Bridge! All of 36 inches and certainly no less than 12lbs. Honestly, I feel that those are both pretty conservative numbers. This dude was grande. He was obviously just visiting from the lake and in full on spawn mode, plus you could tell that he was a little sketched out by my presence in such little water with him. I didnt bother him anymore and it was just very cool to see him up close like that! What a donkey!

After the sighting of the Brown November, I headed back towards the car and was calling it a day. I knew there were a couple redds that you could see from the top of the cliff, so I stopped and looked down for a sec just to see who was home. There were a few nice Browns doing their little dance but I scanned about 20 feet upstream of them and saw a pretty good one just hanging out in a seam. I was debating whether or not it was an actively spawning fish or one that was in eating mode. I stood there for a few minutes and saw all 25ish inches of it come up and suck down a big caddis! Game on!

I ever so gracefully slid/fell my way to the bottom of the cliff, scraping some unneeded flesh from my hand and ran some awkward casts over the top of it, to no avail. I was in really bad positioning and after a few casts I called it quits and headed home. Snagged a McRib which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I felt like I had just loved a woman who was unclean and was ashamed of myself for a few miles. Sleep overtook me and my chauffeur delivered me safely home.Good times!


  1. McRib is back! I ate my annual McRib last week... I only wish it had been on the way home from a fishing trip. They do leave you feeling dirty... but when they're here you have to enjoy them. It's an annual tradition like autumn Brown trout fishing.

  2. Nice shots! I especially like the second one of that pretty rainbow. Classic.

  3. Thanks Matt. I really dig that shot too!