Saturday, March 19, 2011

I have been lagging behind.

Yeah, it is winter time. Spring is really taking it's sweet time this year. Ive had a few more trips since my last update. Lacking the motivation to provide my normal long winded play by play, I will go the route of shameless fish porn. Less talk, more rock.

I also got my buddy Steve on a nice EW fish awhile back:

Its been fun. But big largemouth on swimbaits, and the backcountry are really starting to keep my mind busy.


  1. Nice shots! I keep meaning to get out to Pyramid, but every year just seems to fly by.

  2. Great fish and even better pictures. What is the fly in the fishes mouth? Great blog! You got a new follower

  3. Thanks gents. Dustin, that fly is called a Tadpole or Pyramid Tadpole interchangeably. That particular one is my tie and is bigger than the standard. Tied on a sz 6 2XL streamer hook, but tied short, to the hook point. Marabou, 1mm craft foam, and chenille, in that order.

  4. Thanks! Plus i like your UNC hat :)